Our Story

KEMIE - Passion for stone

KEMIE manufactures worktops in natural stone, quartz composite and ceramic but we do so much more. With our high superior products we deliver customized designs in the room which you desire, this gives you freedom to do what you want. Our stone contributes to your happiness.

To Italy in a truck

Working with stone requires passion. KEMIE was established because architect Adriaan Gubbels had a special fondness for marble. He used marble in all his designs. High-quality marble was difficult to obtain in the Netherlands. Adriaan devised a smart solution. He bought a truck and got his sons to bring marble from Italy to Heeze. It was the start of Kempische Marmer Import & Export in 1968. In short: KEMIE.

More than 50 years of innovation

Our passion for stone doesn’t stop at natural stone and marble. We are innovating all the time. In 1992, we started to focus on kitchen worktops. In 1995, we added Cosmostone composite to our range. The developed a special mitre edge for worktops. We were the first to introduce ceramic worktops, tiled sinks, back panels and end panels in stone, and innovative packing techniques, among other things. We are pioneers in stone kitchen worktops. The developments we initiated are now considered market benchmarks.

With enjoyment, with passion, with each other

We also innovate in our work environment. Soon after our inception, we moved from Heeze to a larger building in Asten. In 1994, we built new premises in Asten. And again, in the year 2000. In 2018, we constructed a multifunctional office location with a modern factory in Helmond. The opening of these new premises formed the backdrop of our 50th anniversary. One thing has remained unchanged over the years: our passion for stone. This is reflected in our core values. We work with enjoyment, with passion and with each other.

Stonemason’s craftsmanship

We uphold and cherish the craft of stonemasonry. We have always tried to unearth smart methods for delivering top quality with the least amount of waste. We keep a keen eye on our competitors, but never at the expense of a safe, clean and enjoyable workplace. Everything we do is geared towards our most important ambition: to exceed the customer’s wishes.

KEMIE - covering the future

Our focus on worktops allowed us to gain experience in working with new materials. Experience we now utilise in other areas too. We can cover any conceivable surface with natural stone, ceramic, or composite: from kitchens to bathrooms and from floors to ceilings. Improving by covering – it’s the future. We call it ‘covering the future’, and we are committed to being the best.

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