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Our beautiful Ceramistone L coulor Travertine Grey Hammered

Ceramistone L colour Montsho

Cosmostone Cruforte

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Cosmostone Cruforte

‘A Robust, dark, composite 'concrete'’

Cosmostone Crudante

‘Composite with stylish marble signature ’


Integrated cooking

‘Magnificent match between PITT cooking and KEMIE ’

Lisanne Kolleman

‘Enjoy yourself in the kitchen’

A Robust, dark, composite 'concrete'

Cruforte by Kemie is strong and stylish. This composite 'concrete', which is made from natural quartz, was developed in-house based on our own specific high standards. Cruforte has a charachteristic wavelike structure and deep, dark, colour nuances. Despite its rugged appearance, Cruforte has a friendly feel. Thanks to its sealed surface it is durable and hygienic, as well as low-maintenance.

Composite with stylish marble signature

Crudante - the composite work surface with the allure of marble – is the new Special that Kemie has added to its product range. The non-porous surface material means that it is sustainable, hygienic and easy to maintain. Crudante has a vintage flair, a subtle undulating pattern and is velvet-soft to the touch. This unique Kemie work surface complements any kitchen, from classic to modern.

Magnificent match between PITT cooking and KEMIE

PITT cooking is a unique, patented concept where various burners are integrated in the worktop in a special way. In practical terms, this Installation method results in more room for your pans. In addition, the cooking zone is easier to clean. In combination with Natural Stone, Cosmostone, Topglass, Ceramistone of Ceramas, you will have the most beautiful cooking area that you could ever wish for.

Enjoy yourself in the kitchen

My girlfriends tell me that I’m never satisfied until everything is completely spotless! And to be honest... stains annoy me. My kitchen must therefore also be easy to maintain and remain beautiful. The worktop from Kemie satisfies all of my extremely stringent requirements. We have a light grey worktop with a polished finish. In our opinion, it is a must. (Cosmostone Pepper grey, Polished)