Kemie, established in 1968, has its roots in the world of the stonecutters. Initially, the company focused on marble and granite for a variety of purposes. The name also refers to: ‘KEmpische Marmer Import en Export’. Later, Kemie switched its focus to kitchen worktops for the kitchen retail sector.

In the past, Kemie has clearly demonstrated that it was the first company to launch revolutionary and innovative products on the market. The most obvious example is the verstekrand that we introduced in 2001 under the name VX. This edge finish later became the norm. In 1995, Kemie was also one of the first companies to launch the composite material (Cosmostone) on the market. In 2005, we already spotted the potential for ceramic worktops, and in the meantime, we have taken the market by storm with the launch of Ceramistone and Ceramistone XL.