Super Strong, durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing

Furniture elements

Kitchen worktops

Kemie supplies high-quality kitchen worktops that embellish and enhance the look of your kitchen. Not only the material for a kitchen worktop (Ceramistone, Ceramistone XL, Cosmostone, Silestone, Caesarstone, Natural Stone) is important in this respect: the edge finish for the worktop also partly determines…
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Edge finish

When making a well-informed choice for a certain look, you must also do the same for the edge finish. A tough or robust ambience requires an edge that it is completely different from a modern handle-less kitchen. Kemie has therefore developed a series of edge finishes to enhance ambience and image. You…
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Back panels

When choosing a new kitchen and matching worktop, the back panel is often forgotten, even though this determines the look of the kitchen to a large extent. The purpose of the back panel is to prevent dirt and humidity from accumulating on the wall behind the worktop. A back panel can be manufactured…
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A stolwand merges your kitchen furniture into a single entity. The production requires extreme precision. Kemie manufactures pilasters in many sizes and formats that are a splendid match for the rest of your kitchen. High-quality materials combined with expert craftsmanship.
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Kemie presents a large collection of sinks in many different sizes and materials. You choose a sink in the same material as the worktop, a stainless steel sink or a combination thereof. Kemie offers you ample choice. You can find more photos of Spülen at Read more

PITT cooking

PITT cooking is an eye catcher for your kitchen: a unique cooking concept where Kemie integrates the gas rings directly into the worktop. This ties in with every kitchen: conventional or contemporary, country or design. PITT cooking knows no borders. The burners can be positioned as appropriate. With…
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Special finishes

The materials from Kemie can also be used for applications that are not always obvious. Cascade sinks, shower walls and even complete items of furniture. These special products are always made-to-measure and are high-quality, just like everything else that originates from Kemie: the materials as well…
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