Ceramic kitchen worktop

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Ceramic is the perfect material for kitchen worktops, for various reasons. Firstly, ceramic is an extremely tough material: your worktops will look great for many years. This material is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Ceramic can be used to create the style you desire, whatever you have in mind.

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Reasons why ceramic is perfect for kitchen worktops:

The great advantage of a ceramic worktop is that it’s easy to clean. Perfect for your kitchen. Ceramic is also extremely resistant to scratches and completely stain-resistant. It is impossible for grease or colourants to seep into the material. This means you can cook without worrying about damaging or staining your worktops.

Extensive range of ceramic kitchen worktops

Kemie offers a wide range of ceramic colours and finishes, as well as various types of ceramic. Are you interested in beautiful and sleek ceramic worktops? Take a look at Ceramistone. Ceramistone also offers eye-catching worktops with higher thickness dimensions. For extra strong kitchen worktops with a unique structure, take a look at Neolith and Dekton ceramic. Order colour samples from our web shop to get a feel for the various materials.

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Kemie kitchen worktops are sold at various dealers throughout the Netherlands. Which one is nearest to you? Use our dealer locator and find out. 

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